Diario continues battle against AFA Group

Public spat continues

Diario continues battle against AFA Group 1This matter does not seem to go away. The headline in today’s edition of the Diario, for the third time recently, refers to the activities of the AFA Group in extracting inert material from the beach at Tabua, just west of Ribeira Brava.

On Saturday the other main newspaper on the island, the Journal (or JM as they prefer to be referred to nowadays) published a huge statement from the AFA Group (replicated here) explaining that the Diario “had it in for them” for historical reasons. This explained that the company was operating within the terms of a contract agreed with the water authority in the area, Águas e Resíduos da Madeira (ARM).

The matter seems to be resolved quite easily without any mud-slinging – surely the public authority involved can clarify whether the AFA Group is acting legally as instructed. If they are then why is the Diario telling “brazen lies” as AFA claimed in their strongly-worded and highly detailed statement?

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  1. Why is the PSP or GNR not on the case and investigating?

    If Madeiras environmental laws have been broken then the people involved need to be brought to account. If indeed the AFA has acted in good faith and in accordance with permissions granted to it by the local council, it can then pursue the DN in court and demand a public apology

    If on the other hand the local council members have unlawfully agreed to allow AFA to strip the beach in Tabua for use as aggregate, then THAT is a whole new can of worms

    The AFA should if proven to be acting unlawfully even with permission from the Tabua council be held responsible for ignoring Madeiras environmental laws which apply to EVERYONE and of course be prosecuted with a large fine and be forced to repair any environmental damage.

    Said large fine should then be used for appropriate funding of environmental projects in and around the area of Tabua overseen by an appropriate body independent of local government

    The local council members should also be investigated, whether they acted in good faith or not, ignorance of the law is no excuse especially for someone serving in public office. If collusion is in fact proven, it would mean that the said council members are not fit for office and should step down and be prosecuted for their involvement

    Regards to all


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