Calls for year-round ferry

President of the Legislative Assembly requests year-round link

At the same time as the Sousa Group is seeking to terminate its summer ferry connection to the mainland, the Diario reports that the President of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira requested the ferry all year from António Costa. “We would like beyond the three summer months to extend the deadline if possible with year-round links” between the Region and Lisbon, said José Manuel Rodrigues at the greetings meeting with the Prime Minister.

“In the case of the ferry there will be a market study to see the feasibility of having a year-round ship that connects Funchal to one of the Portuguese cities, in this case it has been Portimão but we would like it to go to the port of Lisbon because that would add market”, stressed the President of the Assembly. This study will also address the possibility of switching weekly between the cities of Portimão and Lisbon.

The President of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira visited São Bento, the Prime Minister’s official residence, which he said his views reflected the “majority will of the parties represented in the Madeiran parliament”.

Not quite sure how a year-round operation could be viable when one operating for the summer months – with peak demand – cannot break even? Presumably, some national government financial support is being assumed? Certainly a Lisbon connection, presumably to Setabal would be attractive.


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  1. I’ve never caught the ferry to the mainland because it is an expensive basic choice. Maybe if the journey was more appealing with a more comfortable boat and extended timetable.

  2. The is an alternative by travelling on the container ship Funchalense 5, details:-

    You have the possibility of traveling in the cargo ship “Funchalense 5” between the ports of Caniçal, Leixões and Lisbon. The cost of the voyage in a cabin is 140 €/person/trip (meals included).

    To proceed with the booking please send us the following information:

    – date of boarding
    – phone number
    – Address
    – copy of the ID card/Passport

    You will also have to carry out a Personal Accident Insurance, the sole responsibility of the passenger, specific to cover risks and civil liability for the sea voyage, in container ships, between the intended ports.

    Baggage: only 1 luggage allowed up to 20kg

    We have a weekly departure from Lisbon to Caniçal every Saturday (34 hours voyage).

    Thank you in advance and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

    Best Regards,

    Novo Email:

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  3. Phil D
    It’s only about 20 miles further to Lisbon than Portimão from Funchal so the ARMAS ferry would take no more than an hour longer ( 25.5 hours ) to complete the journey thus making Lisbon a very attractive proposition for an all year round service but as far as I’m aware there is no RoRo facilities at the port at present.


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