Santa Cruz Christmas lights

Saturday sees Christmas lights officially turned on

Santa Cruz Christmas lights 23The Mayor of Santa Cruz, Filipe Sousa, has posted on his official Facebook page some images previewing the Christmas lights in central Santa Read more

Spilled beer in Coimbra

Truck crash causes beer spillage

Spilled beer in Coimbra 25JM reports that a truck that was transporting beer, crashed today on the IC2, in Coimbra, on the mainland.

According to a report posted by … Read more

New SATA Chairman appointed

Extensive experience in commercial aviation

SATA AirlinesLuís Rodrigues is the new Chairman of SATA‘s Board of Directors, the Government of the Azores announced recently.

SATA Air Açores is a Portuguese

Read more

Christmas lights vandalised

Lights vandalised before being turned on

Christmas lights vandalised 37The Diario reports that the Christmas lights contracted by the Regional Government and installed by Teixeira Couto have been vandalized even before being turned … Read more

Azores in “a full seismic crisis”

New 4.3 earthquake near Faial

Azores in “a full seismic crisis” 45The Portuguese American Journal reports that the Azorean island of Faial has been plunged into what seismologists call “a full seismic crisis” since the beginning … Read more

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