Yellow weather warning issued

Yellow warning for Sunday

Yellow weather warning issued 1Following up on the post earlier today, the Journal reported at 1:00pm today that the Portuguese Weather Institute (IPMA) has now issued a yellow warning that there may be heavy downpours, sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms, on the north and south coast of the island.

The notice is valid from midnight on October 27 and runs until 6 pm on the same day.

Later the Diario reported that the weather forecast was confirmed this weekend for the Madeira Archipelago. IPMA has just issued yellow warnings to the wind, now effective from 8:00 pm tomorrow, and precipitation, starting at midnight, as a result of the cold frontal surface passing.

The Diario reports that the warning covers all sectors of the island of Madeira – South, North and Mountainous Regions – as well as Porto Santo. The strong southwesterly winds could gust up to 110 km/h in the mountainous regions, where it comes into effect at 8:00 pm on Saturday, extending four hours later to the rest of the Region where gusts may reach 80 km/h in the rest of the territory. The ‘wind alert’ is expected to run until noon on Sunday.

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