Street litter campaign begins in Funchal

600 kilos of waste ‘swept-up’ in central Funchal

Street litter campaign begins in Funchal, the auto-newsfeed/auto-translate website reports that Funchal City Council (CMF) is this week promoting the campaign ‘Trash on the floor, NO’, with the aim of “sensitizing the entire population that the clean city depends on waste being placed in appropriate places, not on the ground.

One of the highlights of the program is a daily sweep of the city, which today (Monday) concentrated on Avenida Arriaga, where 120 bags with 600 kilos of waste collected from the city floor.

“The city is equipped with 2,000 more waste bins, installed in various points of public spaces and yet, and as you can see there are 600 kg of waste in 120 bags collected daily from the city floor,” said CMF President Miguel Silva Gouveia, who was present at the symbolic start of this campaign alongside Vice President Idalina Perestrelo.

For the mayor, “the ideal would be that campaigns like these were no longer necessary, it was a sign that we were all aware not to throw garbage on the floor, but given this amount, which we have to decrease, the City Council still needs to raise awareness in more sustainable measures and good environmental practice ”.

Miguel Silva Gouveia also took the opportunity to thank the 35 employees of urban cleaning “for all their daily work to make Funchal a clean and presentable city, which receives praise from everyone who visits us, as one of the most important cities. clean in the country ”.

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