Rua João de Deus trees still await pruning …

… but Christmas lights being installed

FN reportChristmas lights being installed by workmen on Rua João de Deus that that the trees of Rua João de Deus are still waiting for the necessary pruning. However, the usual Christmas lights are already being put installed in what is one of the most attractive streets during the festive season.
LuxStar has already started placing Christmas lights in the centre of Funchal. However, the jacaranda trees of the emblematic Rua João de Deus, Câmara Municipal do Funchal have not undertaken the necessary pruning treatment, which has to be regularly done. The branches of the trees protrude over the roofs of houses, threatening to clog rainwater runoff with their leaves, as happens every winter, causing flooding in the old residences of that street the blog below is from March of this year).
In various areas, including private homes, apartments and even the newly opened Santa Maria Turin Hotel, the branches are so projected that they almost enter through the windows and balconies of the dwellings reports the website. With the first rains, the normal consequences can be expected says FN, but the City Hall goes on postponing the work. This is the second time that FN have reported on this.

Rua João de Deus: March 29 2019

Previous floods on Rua João de Deus

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  1. I used to enjoy Christmas arriving in Madeira in December. Now it’s as early as possible for the shops to make as much money as possible. Spoils the festive period because we’re sick of it by the time it eventually arrives. Bah humbug!


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