New submarine cable goes live next year

Trans-Atlantic cable nears completion

New submarine cable goes live next year 1The Diario reports that the installation of the transatlantic submarine cable that will link Sines in Portugal, to Fortaleza in Brazil, representing an investment of €170 million, will see its first data transmission in late 2020, it was announced today.

The submarine cable will pass through Cape Verde and Madeira, installing a data transmission capacity of 73 terabits per second, the municipality of Sines said in a statement.

The infrastructure, called Ellalink, will be implemented under the BELLA project (Building European Link to Latin America), which brings together the European and South American science networks, being funded by the European Commission and private funds.

“The installation of the EllaLink cable will enable the development of a new digital innovation hub in Sines. We are working with the consortium responsible for the cable installation and also with Global Telecommunications Network Operator AICEP, in order to capture technology and digital investment for the municipality, which will contribute to the diversification of our local economy and the creation of a new cluster in Sines”, says the mayor of Sines, Nuno Mascarenhas, in the statement.

According to the mayor, the consortium responsible for the installation of the cable, the EllaLink consortium, will build in Sines the cable reception infrastructure and the data processing station, which will be located in the industrial and logistics area of ​​Sines.

Nuno Mascarenhas also points out that “Brazil has no direct connection to Europe, and from an economic point of view, the fact that Sines is the gateway to this submarine cable is the reaffirmation of the strategic importance” of the municipality.

In 2014 it was announced that the government of Brazil was to construct a transatlantic cable across the Atlantic Ocean in order to avoid having its Internet traffic to and from Europe intercepted by American intelligence agencies. According to reports at the time, the fibre-optic cable will stretch for 3,500 miles from the northeastern Brazilian city of Fortaleza to the Portuguese capital Lisbon. It will cost the Brazilian government in excess of US$185 million, but it will allow the country’s existing Internet traffic to and from Europe to travel without going through cables owned by American service providers. According to Brazilian officials, the construction of the cable is among several steps announced by the Brazilian government aimed at disassociating its communications infrastructure from American companies

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  1. This was I believe indeed initiated by the Dilma government to bypass snooping by the US
    The only issue would be the fact that the US military has had the ability to tap into the data flow of armoured undersea cables for quite some time…

    Now, using quantum encryption to negate this is the only way to prevent this kind of snooping taking place for now

    An interesting titbit, it has been postulated that quantum computing uses parallel dimensions for processing power…


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