New Regional Secretary for Tourism

Eduardo Jesus returns to former role

Eduardo Jesus - the new Regional Secretary for TourismNew Regional Secretary for Tourism announced: The Diario reports that António Eduardo de Freitas Jesus, 50, will take over control of the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture, in what is a return to the position he had held in Miguel Albuquerque’s first executive until it was reshuffled in October 2017. This will be a challenging role as the amount of tourist accommodation on the island continues to grow almost out of control whilst tourist numbers stagnate at best.

He is returning to a portfolio he already knows, but with changes as some responsibilities have moved to other departments. He has a degree in Business Organization and Management from ISCTE – Higher Institute of Labor and Business Sciences, and is the author of the books “The First Automobile in Madeira”, “Regional Taxation” and co-author of the book “Madeira – Reflections on Development”.

Not quite sure what has happened to the previous Regional Secretary for Tourism Paula Cabaço. Susana Prada keeps her job Regional Secretariat for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change – another important position in these environmentally aware times.

The Journal reports that the full make-up of the “cabinet”, which includes the Regional Secretary for Tourism, is now confirmed as below. The 11-member team is the largest executive that the region has ever seen.

1. President – Miguel Albuquerque

2. Vice Presidency and Parliamentary Affairs – Pedro Calado

3. Regional Secretariat of Economy – Rui Barreto

4. Regional Secretariat of Education, Science and Technology – Jorge Carvalho

5. Regional Secretariat of Health and Civil Protection – Pedro Ramos

6. Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture – Eduardo Jesus

7. Regional Secretariat for Social Inclusion and Citizenship – Augusta Aguiar

8. Regional Secretariat for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change – Susana Prada

9. Regional Secretariat of Sea and Fisheries – Teófilo Cunha

10. Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Development – Humberto Vasconcelos

11. Regional Secretariat of Equipment and Infrastructures – João Pedro Fino


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  1. It will be interesting to see if Sr. Jesus is still smiling like that in a couple of years – not so plain sailing for the tourist industry I fear.

    Paula Cabaço is now President of Portos da Madeira APRAM


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