Miguel Albuquerque to remain President

Albuquerque to lead Regional Government for next four years

Miguel Albuquerque celebratingThe Diario reports that PSD Madeira Secretary General José Prada said yesterday, following a hearing with the representative of the Republic, that the conditions had been met for their party leader to be nominated President of the Regional Government for the next four years. The representative of the (Portuguese) Republic for the Autonomous Region of Madeira, Ireneu Barreto, received delegations from the PSD and their junior partner in the coalition, the CDS, before a hearing with Miguel Albuquerque, who will be invited to form a government.

The meetings took place at São Lourenço Palace in Funchal.

José Prada told the media, after ratification on Monday by the Political Commission and the PSD Madeira Regional Council and today the political agreement between PSD and CDS is signed, conditions for the President of PSD Madeira to be nominated President of the Regional Government for the next four years, that is, dr Miguel Albuquerque will be nominated future President of the Government”. “The conditions that the PSD has always fought for are stable, that is, the stability and development of Madeira,” he said.

Miguel Albuquerque to remain President 1
São Lourenço palace and calçada à portuguesa. Funchal, Madeira

Rui Barreto, president of the CDS Madeira regional structure, revealed that he had informed the representative of the Republic that the CDS and the PSD had ratified the political and principled agreement between the two parties. “A firm relationship agreement between the PSD and the CDS, an agreement to establish a coalition government, stable for the coming years and, therefore, culminating in this path, we offer the guarantee to the representative of the Republic that from the CDS , we are comfortable and prepared for the exercise of government functions”, he noted.

The PSD won the regional legislative elections on September 22, but for the first time without an absolute majority, electing 21 of the 47 members of the regional parliament. The CDS got three members, so the two related parties number 24 parliamentarians, a figure needed for an absolute majority.

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