Madeira to Marrakesh connection next summer?

Binter still plans a direct route

Binter has not given up on creating a direct flight from Madeira to Morocco. The new route announced between Funchal and Marrakesh, which was expected to take place this summer, is now expected to take place next summer. “If all goes well as we anticipate, next summer we will have the operation between Funchal and Marrakech (Marrakesh)”, says Miguel Suárez Cabrera, commercial and marketing director of Binter.

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3 thoughts on “Madeira to Marrakesh connection next summer?”

  1. I agree, Maurice. I give it one Summer season max for Binter before they realize it was a wrong choice. Although Marrakesh also is a popular RyanAir hub, using it just for that reason also means that you leave the EU for a moment, which most likely includes annoying additional waiting time for extra passport checks at Marrakesh airport.


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