Flights from Lisbon to Madeira from €15.99

easyJet removes €21.00 booking fee

Money Saving Expert reports that budget airline easyJet has scrapped the £16 per booking administration fee it charged on flights.

The carrier said it had got rid of the charge, for bookings made from 1st October onwards, after a review.

Previously, the fee was included in the price you saw when selecting a flight, so the cost didn’t jump up later in the booking process. It meant you were generally better off booking as a group, as the £16 fee was split among the passengers, whereas if you booked a single flight you’d have to pay the full £16 yourself.

If you’ve already paid the fee for a future booking, easyJet has said you won’t be able to get a refund. It added that it cannot give advance warning of changes to fees before it makes them.

The move now means – and thanks to Joao for sending me the link below – that you can now book a flight between Lisbon and Madeira for as little as €15.99 next March:

1 thought on “Flights from Lisbon to Madeira from €15.99”

  1. They must be selling the first few seats at no profit, assuming they don´t get discount on fees

    Passenger service charge on Madeira Airport is 15.02€ + 1.74€ security charge + About 1000€ for a departing 75 ton aircraft….(Dividing 1000€ per 186 seats thats 5.37€ per passenger) Those charges that are not exhaustive Total 22.13€, Their cheapest ticket on this route is 20.99€

    On Lisbon airport the fees per passenger is about 5€ cheaper, thats why the flights between Lisbon to Madeira is always 5€ cheaper than between Madeira to Lisbon thus the 15.99€ ticket price

    Also along with the removal of the 21€ Administration fee i also noticed that Easyjet removed the penalty of 10€ to 20€ if you book your flight one way only…

    Good news for Madeira if they keep these low going


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