Flight makes emergency landing after brawl

easyJet flight diverts to Faro as 7 Brits brawl

Flight makes emergency landing after brawl 1The Daily Mail reports that seven Brits were escorted off a budget flight from Manchester to Tenerife following a row between passengers with one spitting at a woman.

Onlookers claim two groups of men forced the easyJet flight from Manchester to Tenerife to make an emergency landing in Faro, Portugal, after the fight on Thursday evening. The row is said to have broken out around two hours after the 5:35pm take-off, when a group of four, who were sat at the back, started punching each other. A stag party of ten also became embroiled, three of whom were later secorted from the plane in Faro with the group of four that appeared to start the brawl.

An air stewardess broke up the fight and seated one rowdy man at the front of the airliner in an effort to calm tensions. Minutes later, the man returned to the back of the aircraft where his friends were sitting where another argument started.  Other passengers then tried to break up the fight, leading to one man apparently spitting in a woman’s eye. Video below.


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