Coalition Government takes office today

Miguel Albuquerque begins a second term

Coalition Government takes office today 1The Journal reports that the13th Regional Government of Madeira, of the PSD/CDS-PP coalition, led by Social Democrat Miguel Albuquerque, takes office today before the Legislative Assembly, whose election is scheduled for 10:00 and will be chaired by centrist José Manuel Rodrigues

The executive is headed for the second consecutive time by Miguel Albuquerque, consisting of a vice-presidency and nine regional secretariats, two of them under the CDS-PP: the Economy and the Sea and Fisheries.

According to the presidency of the Regional Government of Madeira, the Regional Secretariat of Economy is under the leadership of CDS / Madeira, Rui Barreto, while the Sea and Fisheries is under the responsibility of Teófilo Cunha, former mayor of Santana.

Lots of detailed updates on the proceedings of the new Regional Government of the automated news feed/auto-translate website here.

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