Call to ban air miles programs …

… in bid to help climate change

The Times Call to ban air miles programs ... 1reported yesterday that air miles programs should be banned and a levy on frequent flyers implemented in a move to reduce carbon emissions from aircraft, according to the UK government’s climate advisory body in its latest report. The measure is one of a number of recommendations from the Committee on Climate Change, which published its research last Thursday on how the UK can meet its target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
In a previous report, the committee said the UK needed to become carbon-neutral by 2050 in order to fulfil its obligations under the Paris Agreement on climate change, and the UK, under Theresa May, later became the first major economy to legally commit to the target.
The call to ban air miles is based on the theory that they encourage unnecessary flying. The report says there is evidence that loyalty schemes are particularly damaging because they can result in people taking extra flights to “maintain their privileged traveller status”. It says that some people undertake “mileage runs” or “status runs” for the sole purpose of ensuring that they retain higher-tier membership of a scheme and that some frequent flyers regard membership as being “related to status and social identity”.

The ban would affect millions of customers of British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and other airlines that have loyalty programmes. The report by Imperial College London for the Committee on Climate Change says that frequent flyers, who earn the most air miles, should be targeted as the government seeks to meet its emissions reduction targets.

It recommends “regulation to ban frequent-flyer reward schemes that stimulate demand”. There are more than 220 schemes worldwide, with an estimated membership in excess of 200 million. A survey in 2017 found that 15 per cent of 30 to 59-year-olds in Britain were signed up to at least one frequent-flyer programme.

2 thoughts on “Call to ban air miles programs …”

  1. Lot of change is needed by all. Then think what can the world do for me, What can I do for the world. I know people having 3 holidays in the Europe , etc .Why not 1 and 2 local where ever you live. Less carbon print. Governments are slow to act. People can react faster. Less stress traveling as well.

  2. We fly to Madeira maybe twice a year. If I hadn’t booked the seats someone else would have. Rarely have I see more than a few empty seats on a flight. No other easy way to get to the island.

    Have been on cruise ships a few times which have visited the island but they generate loads of pollution from the dirty diesel they use.


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