Bathing season closes with two deaths on Madeira’s beaches

Season sees 19 deaths on Portuguese beaches

Bathing season closes with two deaths on Madeira's beaches 1The Diario reports that Formosa Beach in Funchal and Ribeiro Salgado Beach on the island of Porto Santo are on the list of seaside resorts of the National Maritime Authority where fatal accidents occurred during the 2019 seaside season.

Between 1 May and 15 October, the Maritime Authority accounted for 19 fatal accidents on Portuguese beaches, according to figures released late yesterday afternoon. Twelve deaths were caused by drowning, and the remaining 7 caused by sudden illness.

At the national level, most of the fatal accidents took place on unsupervised and non-concessioned beaches (8) and 5 occurred on offshore beaches outside the bathing season. This was the case of the 40-year-old Russian woman who succumbed to a drowning in Praia Formosa on 23 September, after the end of the Funchal beach surveillance period, which ran from 1 June to 15 September. .

The Maritime Authority also reports that 3 deaths occurred on guarded beaches, one of which occurred on Ribeiro Salgado Beach, on the island of Porto Santo, on 30 August, which saw the death of a 76-year-old Portuguese woman through illness

Another 3 deaths occurred in unsupervised sea areas, the agency said. Lifeguards licensed by the National Maritime Authority provided 502 rescues and 786 first aid actions at the seaside resorts.

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