Unemployment falls to lowest for 9 years …

…. but still a high number of Venezuelans

Unemployment falls to lowest for 9 years ... 1The Diario reports that the number of registered unemployed in the Autonomous Region of Madeira stood at 14,925 at the end of August 2019, of which almost 8.4% came from Venezuela. This number represents 46 fewer subscribers than at the end of the previous month (-0.3%) and 905 fewer unemployed than in August 2018 (-5.7%).

According to the IEM (Madeira employment institute) analysis, “the regions of the Continent all presented an increase in unemployment compared to the previous month”, whereas “the archipelago is performing well compared to the national average in the number of new unemployed signing on, both compared to the previous month and compared to the same month of the previous year”. “Looking at a longer period, we find that August 2019 has the lowest unemployment recorded this month since 2010, and corresponds to 7,525 fewer unemployed (-34%) than the value of August 2013 (22,450 ), the highest August in the last decade”, the institute says.

Venezuelan figures

“At the end of the month, there were 1,250 applicants from Venezuela, a decrease from the previous month (-4), but still a significant increase from the same month last year (+ 10.3%; 1,133 in August 2018) and in August 2017 (746 subscribers)” explains IEM. The public entity also says, and here it is particularly interesting, that “during 2019, there were 980 registrations from Venezuela, corresponding to an average of 123 registrations per month”, so “this number although high, it is lower than in the same period of the previous year (160 registrations/month), showing a reduction in the inflow from Venezuela to the region’s employment services”. Since 2016, the registered unemployment of people coming from Venezuela has totalled 4,862 people and 1,272 are still active,” he says.




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