TAP plane engine explosion on take-off

Lisbon airport sees major scare

TAP plane engine explodesCorreio da Manhã reports that an A320-214 aircraft of the Portuguese Flag Carrier TAP was yesterday forced to abort takeoff from Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado airport due to an explosion in one of the engines.

No injuries resulted from the incident, but the explosion caused a number of emergency vehicles to attend the scene.

TAP confirms that the Airbus A320 for the flight TP862 Lisbon-Venice had a technical engine failure during the start of the take-off process, which was immediately stopped by the pilots. The event halted landings between 3:14 pm and 3:45 pm.

There were no consequences for passengers on board who will travel on another airline flight.

The  Morning Post learned that there was an explosion in the aircraft’s left engine. ANA Airports confirmed to Correio da Manhã that there was a “technical problem that occurred during the run-in phase for the runway and that caused the TAP aircraft to be grounded”. According to the same source, the situation was quickly normalized.

Talking to CM, one witness reported hearing an explosion and observing a large apparatus. A photo of the engine explosion was quickly published on social media. Following the occurrence, the airport experienced several flight delays.

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