Ribeira de João Gomes road opened – video

Ribeira de João Gomes link road now open

New link road Ribeira de João Gomes tunnel and Campo da BarcaRTP Madeira report that the connection between Ribeira de João Gomes tunnels and Campo da Barca is already open. The president of the Regional Government said that this was an infrastructure had to be up and running at the beginning of the school term. There was no official program of opening by the government but the two companies that formed the consortium which completed the work (costing €16,321,608.96) invited the workers to a banquet inside the tunnel, where Miguel Albuquerque was present. Previous photos of the work here.

The Diario has published a rather lengthy video on YouTube below, whilst RTP have their own video of here. With the latter, you have to sit through a massive 35 seconds of advertising beforehand – a rather alarming trend nowadays when viewing online content.

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  1. I agree with you on the alarming trend at RTP but today the advert section (1) was down to a “mere” 20 seconds.

    I was expecting a second advert to follow (another alarming trend) but none did…

    (The most annoying thing is that there is no fast forward when there are ads. I only survive the Brexitcast podcast through automatically clicking 5 times on +30(secs))


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