New Fajã da Ovelha – Ponta do Pargo link – video

Time-lapse photography of the new expressway

New Fajã da Ovelha - Ponta do Pargo link - video 1RTP Madeira has filmed a time-lapse video (not sure if that is the correct description? – more of a speeded-up video) of the new expressway between Fajã da Ovelha e a Ponta do Pargo, at the westernmost end of the island, which opened last week as reported here. The work allowed the conclusion of the connection of the Regional Road 101, between Raposeira and Ponta do Pargo, with a length of 5,705 metres.

Fajã da Ovelha and Amparo link complete

The implementation of this road section was divided into two phases. The second (between Fajã da Ovelha and Amparo), now completed, represents an investment of €20m by the Regional Government of Madeira and allowed the €35m project to be concluded. The second section contains two overpasses of 165 and 225 metres over Ribeira dos Marinheiros and Ribeira dos Câmbios, respectively.

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