Naval ship open to the public

NRP Sines welcomes visitors from today

NRP Sines, which is open to the public this weekThe ocean patrol ship NRP Sines, which is docked in the port of Funchal, will open for visits starting today, Wednesday, September 4, for a week. It will be open from 15h00 to 17h00.

The Journal describes this as an opportunity not to be missed to get to know the Portuguese Navy Ocean Patrol Ship. NRP Sines was christened in July last year and its main function is maritime search and rescue, maritime surveillance, pollution prevention and control and other tasks of public interest.

The ocean patrol ship is commanded by Captain Lieutenant Mónica Martins who made history in the Portuguese Navy by becoming the first female pilot commander of a new ship. The NRP Sines has 46 military personnel on board.

Visits may, of course, be cancelled without notice for reasons of the ship’s operational commitment to search and rescue missions at sea.

The arrival of the ship last Sunday was first reported here last week. It will remain in the Region until mid-September.

According to a statement from the Madeira Maritime Zone Command, the arrival of the Sines stems from the increased naval arrangements for patrolling the Madeira EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. It joined the NRP Hidra which arrived on the 9th of August. A third “NRP” vessel, the NRP Álvares Cabral has departed, contrary to some reports.

The NRP ‘Sines’ was built at the West Sea/Edisoft Consortium Shipyards in Viana do Castelo and was added to the fleet of the ocean patrol ships on July 6, 2018.

It is the third ship in a series of four of the Viana do Castelo class, has a length of 83 metres and has a displacement of 1850 tons.



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