Friends of 4 Patinhas fund-raising

Good cause in São Vicente appeals on GoFundMe

Friends of 4 Patinhas fund-raising 1A one-off post to highlight a good cause sent in by Maurice, a long-standing and regular contributor to the blog. He has asked that we highlight Friends of 4 Patinhas, a registered not for profit association located in São Vicente who are trying to raise €1,500 on GoFundMe to help their work there.
The picture features a shot and abused kitten clings to life, facing possible loss of both hind legs! the full story behind the kitten is on their fundraising page

4 Patinhas is a 100% volunteer group of ordinary people from all walks of life…Based in São Vicente, we advocate for the abandoned, abused, neglected and homeless cats and dogs on the north coast of the island.
Aside from feeding several feral cat colonies, we monitor the well- being of numerous cats and dogs throughout our community… We also provide emergency veterinarian care, arrange adoptions and are continuously raising awareness on the importance of spaying and neutering …(more here).

So far the cause has attracted 15 donors and a total of €410 – hopefully, a little publicity here will help raise that number!

6 thoughts on “Friends of 4 Patinhas fund-raising”

  1. We often see posts here and on Facebook about maltreatment of animals on Madeira and here is a group trying to help. This little cat was shot, yes shot with a hunting rifle, and may lose one of its back legs.

    Please give a few euros to help these people continue with there good work.

    Obrigado and Thank you in advance.

  2. This just goes to show why official animal protection was put in place, a society is judged by the way it treats its animals

    Animal welfare in Madeira is very low on a typical Madeirans list of priorities especially applying to those that live outside of Funchal in the more rural areas of the island

    For many years, people from Funchal have abandoned their animals in the North West of the island with the mentality that someone will take pity on the poor thing and look after it

    The issue of feral cats and the damage they cause to the fauna is quite troubling to say the least. How do you implement a policy of catch and release for cats and their feral progeny if they are animals that are just dumped far from their previous habitat?

    My father has personally adopted 4 dogs and found homes for many others over the years not to mention all the cats that hang around for food! Cats of course have a job to do as mousers and help keep the rodent and rabbit populations in check so are of great value

    Feral cats on the other hand are a different story altogether, they keep away from humans and without such a food source turn to anything they can catch to sustain themselves. This unfortunately includes the native lagarticha and bird life among others

    An average cats lifespan exceeds 10 years, catching, neutering and releasing feral cats back into rural areas is not an option due to the above damage that will undoubtedly be caused during said lifespan

    Australian fauna has been and continues to be, severely impacted by feral cats. The root of the problem in Madeira is people from the capital dumping their unwanted animals in the islands rural areas

    How can these heartless idiots be stopped?


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