Fishermen encouraged to reduce marine litter

Fishermen asked to exercise marine awareness

Regional Secretary for the environment presents material to help fight marine litterMarine litter awareness: The regional secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, Susana Prada (pictured in the Diario), went to Caniçal yesterday for a ceremony of handing over what is described as “awareness material” to fishermen in what is the main fishing port on the island.

“It appears that the vast majority of marine litter found in the archipelago originates from not only fishing vessels, but also from the merchant marine,” said the official, quoted in a press release, underlining that the action yesterday was intended to raise awareness among fishery professionals of the importance of good practice in order to improve waste management on board vessels and to contribute to better waste management in the port of Caniçal.

Today’s action under the “Estratégia MaRam – Poluição Zero” delivered around 100 fishermen green and yellow garbage bags, 150 MaRam t-shirts, 150 portable ashtrays and 150 caps.

Susana Prada explained that it is a priority of the Regional Government’s environmental policy to combat sea pollution, reduce the use of single-use plastic products and encourage the re-use of materials.

The MaRam Strategy, approved by Government Resolution in 2015, is intended to be an integrated instrument for the control and mitigation of coastal water pollution and is based on two strands: environmental awareness and education and identification of pollution outbreaks for their speedy resolution.

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