Fire in Porto Moniz

Helicopter mobilized to assist

Fire in Porto Moniz 1The Journal reports this morning that the Regional Civil Protection Service’s Forest Fire Operational Plan (POCIF) helicopter is on its way to Santa do Porto Moniz to reinforce the firefighting that started at 10 pm yesterday. Santa do Porto Moniz is the area around the well-known viewpoint as you climb out of Porto Moniz into the mountains.

On the site are teams of the São Vicente and Porto Moniz Volunteer Firefighters and Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters, with 21 operational and seven light and heavy vehicles to fight the flames, and the fire remains uncontrolled and close to homes.

According to a source from the Regional Civil Protection Service (SRPC), firefighters were present at the front line during the night and early Wednesday with fire fighting teams on the ground. Despite the effort, the flames were destroying a vast forest zone in Pico, Santa, Porto Moniz, and also a large area of ​​forest, supposedly where it was ignited. By four in the morning, the fire was out of control, requiring ground work on the front line with several men and vehicles. PSP and PJ are also on-site investigating the causes of the fire.

The newspaper reported this morning that a house was in danger and on occasions the fire was out of control. It has not yet been possible to ascertain whether any housing had to be evacuated.

The police are investigating the causes of the fire.

Update 16:00: The Journal reports that the fires have still not been brought under control and are still active on two fronts. Video below.


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