Columbus Festival in Porto Santo

Porto Santo becomes a medieval island for next three days

Columbus Festival in Porto SantoFrom today, Porto Santo will become a medieval island for three days with another edition of the Columbus Festival, an event that represents an investment of €135,000 from the Government of Madeira.

This event runs from 12 to 14 September and has contributed, according to data from the Regional Tourism Office, to a local hotel occupancy of around 90%.

The Columbus Festival aims to recall the passage and experience on that island of the navigator Christopher Columbus before sailing towards the discovery of the American continent.

For three days, the island goes back to the past, with visitors wearing period costumes. The full program is available here as a PDF: FColombo_Programa_A5_EN

Columbus Festival in Porto SantoThe highlights are the re-enactment of the navigator’s landing in Porto Santo bay and the historical procession to the city centre. The show begins today with the emergence on the horizon of a replica of a caravel Santa Maria de Colombo, bringing on board the Genoese navigator and his entourage on one of his visits to Porto Santo. The Santa Maria remains offshore and the landing is transhipped to small boats

The program also includes the initiative ‘Danças que o Mar Trás — bailarinas de Além-Mar’, the fire theatre ‘The Howl of the Sea’ and concerts of 16th-century music with Indian dances, horse and weapons tournaments.

The Secretariat of Tourism of Madeira announced that this year around 420 people are involved in the festival, 20 more than last year’s edition, and there has been an increase in the number of costumes available for tourists visiting the island.

There will also be a conference about the navigator, marking the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Casa Colombo – Porto Santo Museum.

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