Climate change protest in Funchal

There is No Planet B

Climate change protest in Funchal 1Under the motto ‘there is no planet B’, the global climate change movement motivated several young people to take to the streets of Funchal to protest the lack of concrete actions and decisions in the fight against climate change.

This initiative took place in the centre of Funchal yesterday and was part of the demonstrations that took place throughout the day across the world.

The Guardian reports that six million people have taken to the streets over the past week, uniting across timezones, cultures and generations to demand urgent action on the escalating ecological emergency.

A fresh wave of climate strikes swept around the globe on Friday with an estimated 2 million people walking out of schools and workplaces.

Organisers say that during the week of protests – that began with a global climate strike last week – a total of 6 million people, from trade unionists to schoolchildren, have taken part in thousands of towns and cities.

8 thoughts on “Climate change protest in Funchal”

  1. Leaders in politics move slow. Lot can be done by people change of views and ideas. Then what can the world do for me. What can I do for the world, like local northern hemisphere trade. less carbon foot print. I known people have three holidays out their country then one with the other two at home. Many things people can do to help. From yesterday bbc news readers may find of interest . I leave the rest to the readers to come up with their own ideas

  2. Recycle cloths then throwing them in the bin and that go to land fill. Recycle cloths are good for the environment and hand the cloths to charity shops.. The charity shops pleased to take them in. They sort the cloths and resell which they make a profit. They less carbon foot print to the world as well. Big changes are needed by all to help save the world as well as big ideas from all walks of life.

  3. Does anyone happen know anything about how to get in touch with this activist group in Funchal? I’m very keen to find out when and where their next protest is scheduled, as my kids would like to participate… The organisers are absolutely to be commended. It is terrifying to consider the scale, complexity and extreme nature of the problems today’s 6 year olds will inherit. Many thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Francisca so pleased your children want to get involved in this, I hope you do to. We all need to be involved in these initiatives of raising awareness and providing practical solutions for change. It says in the article that several young people were taking part, actually the age range was from 3 years old up to 65 years old. Older people cannot leave this to the young we all need to take responsibility and help to sort out the mess the young have inherited from our past selfish actions. You are welcome to contact me through this blog I am sure admin will pass my email address to you, and I will pass contact details on of the organizers.

  5. The biggest problem is self interest and what are you prepared to give up. as well as change in attitude in life style. Large shops are closing and is any thought given to carbon foot print on parcel delivery then bus into town and buy local goods. It starts by you.


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