Cafe opens at Pico Ruivo

Cafe follows the restoration of shelter

Pico Ruivo shelter, which now includes a cafePico Ruivo cafe opens: The Journal reports that tourists, walkers, and nature lovers who travel to Pico Ruivo, the island’s highest point, have better support conditions. The shelter there was rehabilitated and now works as a cafeteria.

The Pico Ruivo cafe was opened yesterday, immediately after the opening of the shelter itself reported here on Friday, in the presence of the regional secretary of Environment and Natural Resources. “Of the 20 shelters that are owned by the Region and located in the mountains and protected areas, 19 have already been rehabilitated and made available to the population,” said Susana Prada, praising the “important milestone” that “will be a great added value for nature tourism ”. “Looking around here, we see how many people pass through here daily. These are people who now have …. more services and more comfort ”, she said, adding that the works included paintings, the restoration of the cafeteria, the construction of sanitary facilities, and the decoration has the particularity of relying on typical materials such as wicker.

Susanah prada at the opening of Pico Ruivo cafeIn the reopening of the space, Susana Prada said that this work represents the first phase of intervention that allows the infrastructure to function as a coffee shop for walkers. “We are studying the possibility of recovering the whole house to allow overnight stays, but this will only happen at a later stage,” said the regional secretary yesterday.

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