Animal Rights march in Funchal

‘Official March for Animal Rights 2019’

Animal Rights march in Funchal 1The ‘Official March for Animal Rights 2019’ initiative assembled yesterday afternoon in Largo do Chafariz, Funchal, with a disappointing three dozen participants. From there they headed through Funchal towards the Legislative Assembly of Madeira in an action that aimed to alert the public and politicians to the need for the abolition of animal suffering.

As explained by Fábio Diniz, spokesman for the Animal Rights organizing committee, the event originated in England, starting in 2016 with 2,500 participants and has since spread across many cities. This Saturday is Funchal’s turn to join this movement.

Asked about the poor attendance, the organization says that it has invited invitations to various animal protection associations and through social networks to the general population. “If we do not join hands and unite, we can never do more than we can do at this moment,” said Fabio Diniz, asking for a union between animal protection associations and the general population.

The spokesman said that the movements represented in this initiative are aimed at the abolition of all animal suffering, whether from pet animals, in slaughterhouses, laboratory tests and other forms of animal exploitation.


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    • Maurice if it is anything like where we live it will be never ending. In the nearest city to us there are marches, displays continually.
      In our village there is total apathy! But I can understand it because of what has happened in this area and continues. There is a limit to peoples involvement people just become over faced and disheartened.


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