Warm weather to continue

High-temperature warnings throughout the region

Warm weathher forecastThe Portuguese Weather Institute (IPMA) continues to issue ‘yellow’ warnings for the persistence of high maximum temperature values ​​throughout the region, with the exception of mountainous areas.

Both on the northern slopes of Madeira, on the south coast, as well as in Porto Santo, the forecast is the same, ‘Warm Weather’ and an intense yellow that goes from 10 am on Friday until 9 pm on Sunday, 18 August. In the Madeiran high mountains, there is no warning.

Still, according to IPMA, there will be periods of very cloudy skies, being generally cloudy in the southern slopes of the island of Madeira.

The wind will be moderate breezy (15 to 25 km/h) from the northeast, blowing moderate to strong (30 to 40 km/h) and gusting to 60 km/h at the eastern and western ends of Madeira and the highlands. Hopefully no airport problems as a result. In Funchal specifically, the sky will be slightly cloudy and the wind will be a light breeze (below 15 km/h).

Therefore, there will be a slight rise in the maximum temperature as the warm weather continues.

As for the state of the sea, on the north coast the waves will be from the northeast and 1.5 to 2 metres, and on the south coast, they should be from southeast and 1 metre. The seawater temperature will be inviting: 23 / 24ºC.

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