Unemployment in Madeira at 9-year low

Nearly 1000 fewer unemployed than a year ago

Unemployment in Madeira at 9-year low 1The number of unemployed enrolled at the Madeira Institute of Employment was 14,971 people at the end of July 2019, 186 less than the previous month and 899 fewer than a year ago. It is the lowest registered unemployment since August 2010.

At a national level, the Portuguese unemployment rate reached its lowest since 1991, when there were 296,600 registered unemployed people. The number of people registered at employment centres in July 2019 fell by 10.1% compared to July last year, down 0.3% on the previous month, to a total 297,000 unemployed. The reduction in unemployment in July resulted in 33,297 fewer registered persons than in July 2018.

At the regional level, comparing July of this year with the same month last year, registered unemployment decreased in all regions of the country, with the largest decreases being in the regions of Lisbon and Tagus Valley (-11.9%), the autonomous region. Azores (-11.1%) and the Northern region (-10.7%). In Madeira the decrease was -5.7%.

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