Temperatures reach 30 degrees

Quinta Grande and Bica da Cana exceed 30 degrees

Temperatures reach 30 degrees 1The forecast of temperatures above 30 degrees was confirmed on Saturday, the day when the highest maximum temperatures were felt in Quinta Grande (30.4ºC) and Bica da Cana (30.1ºC), here with the particularity of having been where the relative humidity reached the lowest rate (7%).
Equally quite hot were the temperatures yesterday felt at Pico do Areeiro (29.8ºC), Chão do Areeiro (29.4ºC) and the Lido in Funchal (29.1ºC). These were the highest temperatures recorded by the weather stations in each location. Figures are not available for yesterday yet.

The warm weather is generally affecting the entire archipelago, with the lowest maximum temperature in the two dozen IPMA (Weather Institute) stations in the Region being in Santana (23.0ºC). Equally significant were the lows yesterday recorded in the mountainous regions of Madeira, with ‘mercury’ not falling below 19.8ºC Pico do Areeiro, Chão do Areeiro and Pico Alto. At dawn yesterday the minimum air temperature at Pico do Areeiro, where the highest weather station is located, was already 20.7ºC.

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