“Significant decrease” in tourism in Madeira

Hotel occupancy decreases in June

Lido and the hotel zone, which saw a significant decrease in tourismDecrease in tourism: Confirming a move that has been forecast here for some time, TV company RTP Madeira report that the hotel occupancy rate in June saw a significant decrease in Madeira, which has been coming for a few months, principally from the German and English markets.

However, the “big” staged events such as the Atlantic Festival boosted hotel prices in Portugal in June, year-on-year, and occupancy stood at 81%, according to Hotel Association of Portugal (AHP) figures released yesterday.  AHP states that “in June 2019 the national occupancy rate stood at 81%, while ARR [average price per room occupied] and RevPar [average price per room available] registered “growth compared to the same month of the previous year.

In June, the occupancy rate rose 0.1 percentage points to 81%, according to the statement, pointing out that “the most expressive growth” was in Aveiro, just south of Porto, (plus 10.7%), Costa Azul, on the Setubal peninsula south of Lisbon, (7%) and Alentejo (6%). Lisbon (89%), Azores (86%) and Greater Porto (83%) recorded the highest occupancy rate in the month under review.

“The annual price increase in these destinations was mainly a reflection of the demand generated by the big events in June. Regarding the occupancy rate, it grew slightly in June and remains stable for the third consecutive month. In this indicator, we highlight the significant decrease registered in Madeira, which has been coming for a few months, from the German and English markets”, the statement adds. Specific figures for the island were not supplied.

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