Road reconstruction in Santana

Section linking Pico das Pedras and Achada do Teixeira

Achada do TeixeiraOne day before the opening of the Heidi Shelter, the former shelter of Achada do Teixeira in Santana, which took place this Saturday, the Regional Secretariat of Equipment and Infrastructures launched a tender procedure for the same area, aiming at the reconstruction of the Regional Road 218, in the section between Pico das Pedras and Achada do Teixeira. The budget for the reconstruction is €3,071,000

TV station RTP reported last week on the re-opening of the old mountain refuge at Achada do Teixeira in the high peaks of the island as “Abrigo da Heidi” – “a new name and a new concept”. The refurbishment includes a restaurant area and accommodation under the “AL” scheme where tourists and visitors can stay, up to a maximum of eight people. Investors expect in the future to expand capacity to 16 people.
The shelter is a private project to recover a building that was closed 27 years ago, in the found of Teixeira, in Santana. It is an investment worth €450,000. The Regional Government says it’s another bet on nature tourism. So far, in Madeira, 19 units of a similar nature have been recovered, bringing together the restoration and accommodation.

On the eve of its opening to the public, RTP got to know the project better in a short feature.

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