Porto Santo brand announced

Porto Santo Product Seal

Porto Santo brand announced 1The Journal reports that the Regional Secretary of Agriculture and Fisheries, Humberto Vasconcelos, and mayor of Porto Santo, Idalino Vasconcelos, yesterday attended the presentation of the Porto Santo Product Seal, which took place at the Farrobo Experimental Camp.

Idalino Vasconcelos took the opportunity to announce that the Seal will reinforce the product of Porto Santo, which has a lot of quality. He also said he believed in the youth of Porto Santo, who were responsible for this idea, specifically through Hugo Brandão from the Producers Association of that island. Humberto Vasconcelos congratulated the Porto Santo Producers Association, “It was the Association and the Secretariat that managed to produce the seal that is well built and very well identifies this beautiful land that is Porto Santo,” said the governor, highlighting the importance of the island being able to include, from now on, the seal that represents your products.

Porto Santo brand announced 3The Regional Secretary, speaking to the Diario, considered that the seal will allow the Porto Santo brand to be carried across borders, with the quality of its products, such as grapes, watermelon and a set of well-known by-products. “This seal is very well done because we got what Porto Santo has to offer, its colour, its beach. We also have the history of the island on the seal where the candle mill is there. It shows a specific feature of the island, ”said the regional secretary.

Humberto Vasconcelos stressed that now “farmers can apply according to the regulation that is foreseen. From there, we have a distinctive seal that comes to value the traditions, the Porto Santo culture and the product differentiated from that of Madeira ”. “So we have here a set of superior products that may well help the ‘Porto Santo’ brand”.

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