Ponta do Pargo golf course resurrected

President promises that the project will move forward again

Major earthworks taking place at ponta do pargo golf course in 2012The Diario reports that during a visit to see the latest construction work being carried out on the new expressway in Ponta do Pargo, the President of the Regional Government also assured journalists that the golf course in the parish will become a reality. “Ponta do Pargo golf course is for advancement”, said Miguel Albuquerque. He said “We will create all the conditions for this (Ponta do Pargo) to be a land of tourism, excellence and development” and stressed that this work “goes forward if they want to, or don’t want to”.

The Diario notes that the visit had a “resemblance” to an inauguration, with a band, a folklore group and even former [pliticians attending the event. The suspicious among us might be tempted to believe that there were elections coming up? The video below might support this view.

This is not the first time that the President has announced the reincarnation of this project. The blog reported in early May this year that Miguel Albuquerque, speaking to the press at the opening ceremony of the section of the Expresso Expressway between Raposeira and Fajã da Ovelha, confirmed that the work on the Ponta do Pargo golf course would advance again. At the time the President said that the Government was acquiring the rest of the land, and then conceding the work to a private company. “We have to take advantage of all the work that has already been done and the land that the Government has already acquired”, pointing out that the investment will bring “another centre for job creation, tourism, and development”, adding although “these two parishes only have to gain from this”.

Work originally began on the project in 2009, with the photo above being taken around 2012 if I am not mistaken, with major earthworks shaping the planned golf course. The course designer, or self-styled “golf architect”, did a long write-up at the time, before the project ran out of funds. In 2016 the blog reported that the government planned that the failed golf course was to be returned to pasture.

A rather controversial company, Morgan Forbes, whose MD, Michael Nascimento, was recently given a 13-year jail sentence, was originally involved in the project.

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  1. Trump is probably one of the few that could afford to develop the golf course project 💲💲💲🏌️‍♂️

    Meanwhile if he charges the “millionaire” prices of Palheiro or Santa de Serra, he’ll have an empty course which lacks atmosphere!⛳

    Best value for money is a day trip to Porto Santo course – great day out, thanks to Porto Santo ferry line 🛳

    While Madeira is a fantastic island with wonderful people it doesn’t help itself on the golf front😠


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