Motorbike accidents on the increase

Motorcycle accidents double in 2019

Motorbike accidents on the increase 1The Journal reports that according to the PSP (Security Police), 275 motor vehicle accidents involving motorcyclists or mopeds were recorded in the first half of 2019 in Madeira – 137 more than the same period last year. These accidents resulted in three fatalities, 23 serious injuries and 211 minor injuries.

The same press release states that the increase in the number of fatalities and minor injuries, together with the considerable increase in accidents involving this type of vehicle, is a worrying indicator and calls for more active intervention by PSP.

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  1. While being on my balcony or in my bedroom I hear almost daily how insanely fast motors are driving on the highway. According to them it probably seems to be a race track instead of a public road that also has other traffic participants.


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