Jellyfish close Ribeira Brava beach

Red flag raised at Ribeira Brava

Jellyfish close Ribeira Brava beach 1The Diario reports that the presence of jellyfish led to a bathing ban at the beach in Ribeira Brava yesterday afternoon.

Sunbathers reported to the newspaper that lifeguards raised the red flag and that the decision cleared the sea of swimmers. There were confusing reports at the time that the beach was closed due to a wastewater discharge.

The mayor of Ribeira Brava, Ricardo Nascimento explained that the reason for closing the beach was solely due to the presence of jellyfish in the vicinity, and for reasons of safety and protection of bathers, it was decided to raise the red flag.

This morning, a new assessment will be made of the situation in the resort.

The blog has reported on jellyfish off Funchal previously, and I did not recall Ribeira Brava being affected previously, however, there is a prior instance reported here in 2009

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