Financial support for animal protection

10 associations in Madeira could benefit

Financial support for animal protection, the automated news feed, has picked up on a story that the Regional Government of Madeira has created a regulation allowing the animal protection associations of the region to benefit from annual financial support for the control and protection of stray pets.

Humberto Vasconcelos, Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Fisheries, explained to press agency Lusa that the financial support is for “associations’ operating expenses, sterilizations and work programs of the associations themselves, and adoption money where associations that can put the animals into families have money to help those same families that adopt the animal. ”

He stated that at this moment there are “10 associations with the ability to apply”, as the amounts to be awarded depend on the application submitted, and the grant may vary. The government can grant maximum annual support of €10,000 for sterilization, castration, vaccination, surgery, medication and other procedures described in the regulation.

Also covered, with an annual ceiling of over €20,000, are issues related to the running costs of associations. After the first year, associations can be awarded “additional financial support” for the effort “in responsible adoptions made and proven in the previous year”.

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