Ponta de São Lourenço video

Panoramic video of Ponta de São Lourenço

The Diario has noted that a visitor recently shared a panoramic video of Ponta de São Lourenço, below. It was taken with a Read more

Pico Ruivo Shelter opens

The iconic location sees new facilities

The Regional Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources, Susana Prada, representing the Regional Government, presided today at the official re-opening of the Pico Ruivo … Read more

Sines Ocean Patrol Ship arrives

Another Portuguese navy ship comes to Madeira

The Diario reports that on Sunday the ‘Sines’ Ocean Patrol Ship will arrive in Madeira to will remain in the Region until mid-September, … Read more

Promise of all-year-round ferry?

PS party rumoured to be promising ferry all year

Political promises of ferry-all-year-round - António Costa meets Paulo Cafôfo

With the September elections drawing closer, rumours are that the Socialist Party (PS) government of António Costa on the mainland is … Read more

Marine Biology Station “Open Night”

Cais do Carvão hosts film screening on Saturday

The Diario reports that this Saturday, August 31st, Funchal City Council is promoting a “CineEco Festival” at Cais do Carvão, as part … Read more

Prazeres fire extinguished

Danger of rekindling keep firefighters in place

The Journal has just reported that the fire that has plagued the Lombo da Rocha area of Prazeres, endangering some houses, has been Read more

Fire in Prazeres this morning

Firefighting helicopter helps firemen in Prazeres

According to the Journal, a fire broke out in the early hours of this morning quite close to homes in Prazeres, at the westernmost … Read more

Vice President believes tourism is booming!

Calado considers Madeira still in demand

Tourism in Madeira as tourist visit a viewpoint at Cabo GiraoThe Diario reports that the increasingly high-profile Vice-President of the Regional Government attended the 49th-anniversary ceremony of the Madeira Barmen Association yesterday and made … Read more

Water treatment workers on strike

Company brands strike as “political”

Water treatment workers on strikeThe Journal reports that the Union of Manufacturing Industries, Energy and Environmental Activities (SITE) said in a statement that the water treatment workers at the … Read more

Motorbike accidents on the increase

Motorcycle accidents double in 2019

The Journal reports that according to the PSP (Security Police), 275 motor vehicle accidents involving motorcyclists or mopeds were recorded in the first half of … Read more

Temperatures reach 30 degrees

Quinta Grande and Bica da Cana exceed 30 degrees

The forecast of temperatures above 30 degrees was confirmed on Saturday, the day when the highest maximum temperatures were felt in Read more

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