Temperatures reach yellow warning level

Funchal reaches 28.4 degrees

Temperatures reach yellow warning level 1The Diario reports that late this morning only Porto Santo had not yet reached temperatures consistent with the yellow warning issued by the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, for warm weather on the southern and northern coasts of Madeira and Porto Santo.

Due to the persistence of high values ​​of the maximum temperature, the coastal regions of Madeira and Porto Santo are from 11 am to 9 pm next Saturday, the 27th, on ‘alert’ because of the warm weather, which in the Funchal has already reached 28.4ºC early this afternoon. This was the highest maximum temperature recorded until 2 pm on Thursday, was the value found at the IPMA automatic weather station installed in Lido at 12:50 pm.

On the south coast of Madeira, the criteria for issuing the warnings for warm weather vary between 27 and 29ºC and for a period of 48 hours or more.

Lugar de Baixo, in Ponta do Sol, has also reached temperatures above 27ºC (27.7ºC at 13:40).

On the north coast, the three counties have also reached values ​​consistent with the yellow warning, which for this sector of the island is between 24 to 26ºC. The maximum records are: 26.6ºC in São Vicente (13:00), 26.2ºC in Porto Moniz, 25.5ºC in Ponta de São Jorge and 25.5ºC in Santana.

In Porto Santo, also under yellow warning for hot weather (26 to 27ºC), the maximum temperature recorded today until the last hour was 25.1ºC.

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