Spain overtakes Germany for Portuguese emigration

Spain sees 10,636 Portuguese immigrants last year

Spain overtakes Germany for Portuguese emigration 1The Journal reports that Spain recorded 10,636 Portuguese immigrants in 2018, meaning that the country surpassed Germany as the most popular destination for Portuguese emigration, according to a report seen by press agency Lusa. According to the Emigration Observatory, which cites data from the Spanish National Statistical Institute, a total of 760,804 foreign admissions were registered in Spain last year, with Portugal accounting for 1.4% of that total.

The number of Portuguese emigrants to Spain increased for the fifth consecutive year, “against the general downward trend in Portuguese emigration” from 2013, according to the Observatory. Last year was the first time, since 2008, that more than ten thousand Portuguese emigrated to Spain, which thus surpassed Germany as the top destination for Portuguese emigration – this country registered in just 7,200 entries in 2018. Analyzing the data between 2000-2008, Portuguese emigration to Spain registered a minimum value in 2000, with 2,968 entries and the maximum in 2007, with 27,178 entries booked.

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