SATA “parks” A330 to save money

Azores airline abandons expensive plane

SATA "parks" A330 to save money 1Thanks to Peter for an interesting story: Azores airline SATA, which regularly flies into Madeira, is paying to have an Airbus A330 plane parked at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto, with no date to bring the plane back into operation. The long-haul aircraft, says management, cost the airline eight million euros to operate in 2018. Now, having grounded the plane, the figure has fallen to half. 

The operating costs of the A330 in 2018, when it was flying, was eight million euros. With the A330 grounded this year, it costs half of the annual losses accumulated in the previous year, says a note sent by the board of directors to SATA workers at the end of June, seen by the Azores newspaper
In the same document, the company also justified a reduction in direct operational expenses, such as fuels, aircraft assistance, airport charges and maintenance reserves (flight hours) with “the use of the new A321, replacing the less efficient A310 and A330 “.

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