Hire car drivers to be fined more speedily

Fines will be issued more quickly

Hire car drivers to be fined more speedily 1The Portugal News reports that drivers of hire cars who commit road traffic offences will now be issued fines more promptly according to the Portuguese National Road Safety Authority (ANSR). They have announced that they have reached an agreement with leading car hire companies aimed at speeding up and simplifying the identification of drivers.

A database will be provided by car rental companies to make it easier to identify the driver of a hire car, removing the entire chain of notifications by post. According to ANSR, the new procedure will allow “for a reduction in the notification time of the offender” by half, and also reduce postage costs.

Car hire companies account for 24% of the purchases of light vehicles in Portugal, and in 2018 around 100,000 cars were rented during the peak season.

Secretary of State for Civil Protection, José Artur Neves, told press agency Lusa that it is currently difficult to contact drivers who rent cars and subsequently incur traffic fines or violations. “There were cases of three notifications being needed to reach the real vehicle user. It was almost always an ordeal, however now the process has been simplified” he said.

ANSR processes around 28,000 requests annually for the location of drivers who hire cars and commit road traffic offences.

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