Mobile phones whilst driving: Police crack down

Portugal to increase penalties for the use of mobile phones while driving

Mobile phones whilst driving: Police crack down 1Thanks to Peter for a link to the Portugal News. They report that in a statement to the press agency Lusa, the Portuguese Secretary of State for Civil Protection, José Artur Neves, has explained that the government intends to approve changes within the current legislation regarding the use of hand-held mobile phones whilst driving.

Currently, the use of mobile phones whilst driving carries with it a two-point penalty under Portuguese law. However, Neves did not specify by how much the penalty would increase. Notification periods will apparently be reduced so that, hopefully, on receipt of a fine more quickly after any infringement, offenders will appreciate that they have made a mistake and are therefore less likely to repeat the offence subsequently.

Neves said that the government, together with schools, is acting to reduce the number of deaths on the roads, but accepted that attempting to change road behaviour takes a long time before it materialises.

Data from the National Road Safety Authority showed that the number of deaths on Portuguese roads increased in 2018, for the second consecutive year. According to their statistics, 445 people died in 2016, rising to 510 in 2017 and 513 in 2018. Between January 1 and July 15 this year, 242 people have died on the roads of Portugal, the same number as the same period last year.

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  1. My wife and I visited Portugal in between Madeira visits in April this year. The tour operator bus driver was driving along a dual carriageway using his mobile phone with his sunglasses in his mouth. I told him I would rather he concentrated on driving rather than using his phone. He just gave me a dirty look and continued driving. Then he had to swerve to avoid a broken down car. He had a full load of passengers. I am glad the use of mobiles is being addressed.


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