Mainland has coldest June for 19 years

Portugal records coldest June since 2000

Mainland has coldest June for 19 years 1In complete contrast to recent global warming trends and the well-publicized heatwave experienced over recent weeks by central Europe, mainland Portugal has recorded its coldest June for 19 years, and the 13th coldest since June 1931, with the average air temperature being 18.19 ° C, down 1.23 ° C compared to normal.

The month of June in mainland Portugal was very cold and with normal precipitation, reveals a report from the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) released yesterday. The report shows that the values ​​of the air temperature (maximum, minimum and average) were lower than normal between June 4 and 15, noting that the maximum temperature was 5.6ºC lower on the 6th.

Exceptionally, the values ​​of the air temperature were much higher than normal, particularly the maximum temperature, between the 1st and the 3rd, with continental Portugal reaching, on the 1st, an average value of 33.3ºC, more than 8.0ºC higher than normal.

As for rainfall, the report notes that the average value of the amount of precipitation, 23.8 millimetres, corresponding to about 74% of the normal monthly value. The interior regions of the Baixo Alentejo and the Algarve had levels of precipitation well below normal. The meteorological drought situation continued at the end of June, with a “slight increase” in the area under extreme drought in the South. Not promising, as the season for fires arrives.

Mainland has coldest June for 19 years 3The IPMA statistics were released one day after data from the European Earth observation program Copernicus pointed to June 2019 as the hottest month across the world as a whole, mainly due to the heatwave that hit some areas of Central and South Europe, but not Portugal. According to the data, temperatures rose 0.1 ° C from the previous world record of June 2016, with Europe rising by about 2 ° C above normal.

In complete contrast to the data for mainland Portugal, combining satellite and historical information, Copernicus estimated that the temperature in June in Europe was 3 ° C above the average recorded between 1850 and 1900.

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