Funchal’s electric buses re-badged

Linha Eco to become Eco City Line

Funchal's electric buses re-badged 1Horários do Funchal, one of the major bus operators on the island, has announced that from Friday this week its “Linha Eco” will change its name, becoming “Eco City Line”, but keeping the same schedule and existing routes.

The change will also see a new route, the 05A – Eco City Line – running between the Old Town and Largo da Paz, which will be carried out by minibuses prepared for the transportation of people with reduced mobility, with the facility to accommodate two passengers in wheelchairs, The current model of operation will remain the same, with there being no fixed stopping points – passengers  just raise their hands so that the minibus stops and allows them to board.

Horários do Funchal also says that all the transport tickets in force in the urban service will be accepted on the Eco City Line.

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