Savoy Palace to finally open

Limited opening next month

Savoy Palace to finally open 1Last night’s unveiling of the new JM logo for the Journal (reported in the previous post) was one of the first events held at the new Savoy Palace hotel.
According to well informed sources the monstrous building will receive its first guests in July, after missing its latest reported deadline this month. Various other deadlines were missed during the course of 2018, and it is not clear how much of the facility will open immediately. Some reports say half, others two thirds, but clearly not all the 309 rooms and 43 suites will be occupied – unless guests are happy with a portaloo on their balcony.
The hotel boasts a 2300 m2 spa, five swimming pools (including two infinity pools on top of the building), five restaurants, eight bars and conference rooms with a capacity of up to 1000 people. It also offers a “presidential suite” with its own pool.

The photo left is from their publicity material, the one below is from SkyscraperCity earlier this month:

Savoy Palace to finally open 3


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  1. Yesterday’s Journal had a couple of pages on the clothes designed specially for the hotel staff.

    I personally think that, while pink may suit the female reception staff, kitting out the male reception staff in pink waistcoats under grey suits should have been avoided.

  2. Me and my wife nearly got into the Savoy palace we were very disappointed not to be able to go to the Savoy palace I was really looking forward to it even though the other hotel they put us in was very very nice and the staff absolutely brilliantI will have to see if I can save up enough money to go to the Savoy I hope next may


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