Rain in the forecast. easyJet delays.

June weather continues……

Rain in the forecast. easyJet delays. 1Rain forecast: The Diario notes that the weather forecast from the Portuguese Weather Institute this morning (opposite) is not looking particularly good, with rain forecast for today.

The sky is forecast to be very cloudy, but less so during the afternoon. Rainfall is also anticipated across the island, particularly early this afternoon. This will become weak showers that will be more probable on the northern slopes and highlands later.

Despite the partly cloudy weather that is typical of June, the UV index remains high.

easyJet delays

The Journal reports on another delayed flight, allegedly due to lack of crew. Passengers will have to wait at least two hours in Lisbon before traveling to Madeira.

The EasyJet U27603 flight that should have left Lisbon at 7:05 am for Funchal ended up seeing departure postponed to 9:30. The airline justified the delay with the lack of a crew member.


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