New law to protect minors from harmful ads

Food and drink advertising aimed at children now banned

New law to protect minors from harmful ads 1Last week new restrictions on advertising targetting children and young people under 16 years of food and drink came into force in Portugal. These cover energy, salt content, sugar, fatty acids and processed fatty acids according to the law which establishes the new rules that was published last week in the Diário da República

The new rules determine that advertising of these products will be prohibited in preschool, elementary and secondary schools, playgrounds or within 100 metres around these places, with the exception of advertising lines posted in commercial establishments.

According to the Ministry of Health, it is also prohibited to advertise this type of drinks and food on television and radio programs broadcast in the 30 minutes before and after children’s programs or with a minimum of 25% of children under 16 years .

“The same prohibitions apply to advertisements issued in cinemas for films intended for children under 16 and on the on websites or social networks with content intended for this age group”, the ministry said.

The new law also comes to end the use of mascots, drawings, figures and personalities related to children and youth in this type of products. At the level of the advertising message, the law establishes that brands must refrain from encouraging excessive consumption, from creating a sense of urgency or a pressing need in the consumption of the advertised product or of transmitting the idea of ​​benefit in its exclusive or exaggerated consumption, compromising the appreciation of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Violations of the law are punishable by fines ranging from € 1,750 to € 3,750, in the case of a natural person, or € 3,500 to € 45,000 if they are committed by companies, with supervision being the responsibility of the Directorate-General for Consumer Affairs.

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  1. It really upsets me to see so many fat kids. There was only one fat kid in my class when I went to school and with hindsight maybe it was caused by a health problem….

  2. They was a times at school some kids was fed bread and dripping. Though they burned it off with walks every where or bike and played sports at school.


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