Flights diverted due to poor visibility

Six flights affected by low cloud

Flights diverted due to poor visibility 1The Diario reports that six flights were diverted this morning from Madeira International Airport due to the poor visibility in the area east of the island of Madeira between 9.00 and 11.00am. By 11.00am five flights were reported as diverted, to Porto Santo, the Canaries and Continental Portugal. The same happened once more in the last hour of the morning with the easyJet plane coming from Bristol, which also diverted as a result of the cloud which prevented the approach to the runway of Santa Cruz.

The situation appears to be normal this afternoon, with the diverted flights having “caught-up”, but flights appear to be landing around an hour late, which is unusual.


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  1. I know, because my poor partner was on one and ended up in an airport in Lanzarote!

    Oh for a magic wand to sort the airport out.

    Ah well, things can only get better for their holiday, I hope.


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