False tunnel creates protection…

…new access road protected from rockfalls

False tunnel creates protection... 1FN report that the work of consolidation on the cliffs overlooking the João Abel de Freitas tunnel, in the access road from the Rapida down to Campo da Barca, has created a “false tunnel” open on one side to provide protection from falling debris. The reinforced concrete construction is about 340 metres long, above both banks of the Ribeira de João Gomes.

FN have published some images of the works in progress, which give an idea of ​​how the link will be. “The structure receives a upper protection slab, prepared to receive a layer of soil to absorb impacts resulting from the eventual fall of blocks, and will cover the two sections parallel to the river, developing into two structures, leaving exposed the curve passing over the river”.

The ten month road closure was first reported here in November of last year – a post that includes an aerial photo of the area involved. Those familiar with the important access road before will no doubt recall it being regularly strewn with debris from the cliffs immediately above. Photos here are from FN

False tunnel creates protection... 3

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